Davis Morgan
Campus Minister

Davis and Ashleigh Morgan come to RUF-ETSU from Jackson, MS, where Davis finished his pastoral education at Reformed Theological Seminary in 2016. They met, ironically, at an RUF interest meeting in 2007 at the University of Southern Mississippi, where they both graduated, in history and nursing, respectively. While in college, RUF played a decisive role in each of their lives. After college, Davis worked as an intern with RUF and in various ministry positions while attending seminary, and Ashleigh worked as a nurse. They are both thrilled to serve with RUF in East Tennessee. They have two children - Katherine (born 2014) and Sam (born 2017). The Morgans enjoy music, reading, hiking, watching good TV and movies, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. We would love to get to know you!

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Sterling Webster,

Campus Intern

Sterling grew up just outside of Washington D.C. in Arlington, Virginia as the youngest and by far most extroverted of three siblings. He graduated from James Madison University in 2018 where he studied Vocal Performance and Music Industry. While at JMU, he spent much of his time outside of the practice room being blessed by the RUF community and learning ways to serve others through this ministry. Being known and loved well by RUF was a definitive part of his college experience, and he cannot wait to similarly minister to and encourage students in their walk with Christ at ETSU.

When he's not out getting coffee with people and/or distracting others from their responsibilities, you'll find him humming, belting, or otherwise vocalizing whatever tune is stuck in his head at the moment (it could be anything from Bach to Beyoncé and all in between). He plays a good amount of mediocre piano and bass as well, although singing is his favorite way to make music and to worship the Lord. Also, he has never turned down a good pun.