“RUF is an unparalleled way of developing strong, entrepreneurial, evangelistic [leaders]. Most denominations don’t have anything like it as a pipeline [of leadership development]...I’m proud of it, and it’s very important that we support it and grow it.”
— Rev. Timothy J. Keller, Ph.D, Author of The Reason for God, Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

Student Testimonials

"RUF impacted me more than any other activity, singular person, or class in all of college did. My campus minister helped me learn that "it's ok to not be ok", but he also helped me understand that God loves me too much to leave me in a place like that. Between those truths and the amazing community I had with RUF, I started to finally feel like I was at home in a church, and comfortable in my faith. RUF is one of the best things that ever happened to me." -- Heidi Wheeler, ETSU Graduate Student, ETSU Alum


"RUF had a massive impact on my spiritual life and is one of the best organizations I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Through it, I learned every week how to truly read the Bible and just how much I daily need the grace of Jesus." -- Andrew Long, ETSU Graduate


"Every week at RUF I found a community full of gracious people who connected me to something I knew would never fade, the Gospel of Jesus Christ." -- Lt. Vincent Badgley, US Army, ETSU Graduate.


"Throughout life and college especially I have learned that I belong yet don't belong to a lot of different groups. I'm black and white but not actually either. I'm in a fraternity but I'm not a stereotypical fraternity guy. With all these groups that I'm in but not in, sometimes it's easy to feel as if I don't belong anywhere. Thankfully, because of RUF and their love and pursuit of me, I have felt right at home there!" -- Jonathan Griggs, Current Student