Why we love the Church:

When Jesus explained his ministry to Simon Peter, he famously remarked, "I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it."  In RUF, we strive to love the church and to lead students into loving the church.  We do not love the church because she is perfect, nor because she is comfortable or useful to us, but simply because Jesus loves her.  The Bible calls the church, with all her pimples and warts, the Bride of Christ, for whom He gave His life. Is she flawed?  You bet.  Is it a struggle to love her at times?  Absolutely.  But we believe it is absolutely worth the struggle, because Jesus has died to make her a beautiful bride, and there is no other institution to which He has united Himself, as He has to the church.  Local churches are not red carpets for sinless super-Christians; they are communities of sinners being transformed by the grace of our Lord, through His Word.  We hope students will find local churches to be a means of growth and an avenue for service, through vibrant and regular Lord's Day worship, the ministry of the Word and Sacraments, inter-generational relationships, selfless servanthood, and many other blessings.  


Churches in the Johnson City area:

Westminster Presbyterian Church  - http://westminjc.org

Christ Community Church - http://christcommunity-jc.org

Memorial Presbyterian Church (Elizabethton) - http://www.memorialpca.com

In Kingsport:

Westminster Presbyterian Church (Kingsport) - http://www.westminsterkpt.org

Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Church - http://www.bridwellheightspca.org

Arcadia Presbyterian Church - http://www.arcadiapca.com

Harmony Presbyterian Church - http://www.harmonypres.org

In Bristol:

Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church - https://walnuthillchurch.org

Eastern Heights Presbyterian Church - http://www.ehpc.net

In Greeneville:

Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church - http://www.gracereformedpc.org

Meadow Creek Presbyterian Church - http://meadowcreekpresbyterian.com


Directory of Churches in our presbytery - http://www.westminsterpresbyterypca.com