Dear Parents,

I am overjoyed that your child is a student at ETSU. I am convinced that this campus is a special place and that God is at work here. I know that you are concerned for their wellbeing during their college years, and I would count it a privilege to be part of their life and yours in this crucial time.  My family and I love nothing more than to have students in our home and in our day to day lives. My wife Ashleigh and I met through the ministry of RUF at the University of Southern Mississippi and were forever changed by the blessing of those years as students in RUF.  I would cherish the opportunity to speak with you about your student and about life in general.  My passion is to seek the spiritual wellbeing of all of our students at ETSU, and I would be honored to speak to you anytime. Please feel free to call, text, or email me to talk.

Yours in Christ,

Davis Morgan, Campus Minister